She’d taken it for buy instagram followers

She was standing on the edge. A precipice. Her arms flared, her hair caught strong in the wind. She launched from the rocky edge, the thick breeze catching her beautiful wings, whipping her into a soar, high above the plummeting rock below. She followed the jagged line of the gorge, the dramatic and deadly dagger buy instagram followers of the earth, onwards to the dusty nothingness beyond, until she came to an unexpected burst of colour. A dashing green and golden wash pouring across the landscape as if someone had tipped a painters pot over it.


A city in her midst, which on seeing her impressive frame, this creation of hope and symbol of freedom, would invite her wholeheartedly into their hidden existence. She would be as a prize, as a god almost, and live out her life worshipped for who she was-what she was-this strange, dark, powerful being from the great beyond. The wind lapped against Telena’s face. What if she could fly? What if she were an ancient beast, wings sprouting from her back, thick and powerful so wide she could just fall forwards, off the edge, and sail on the air? What if- Telena yelped as the rock beneath her foot crumbled, jolting her forwards, entertaining a buy instagram followers long, deep death. She turned sharply, grasped at the tall, dry roots sticking from the ground, grunted in annoyance and heaved herself to safety.

A span of buy instagram followers

Her breath scraped violently in her chest as she thumped to the dust. She glanced again into the gorge; her foe, her future. What in the name of Ana was she thinking? She would prove her family right if they found her buy instagram followers cracked like a nut at the bottom of that cliff. She’d forever be the reckless daughter, too insolent to take heed of their warnings. She’d be the story used to frighten children into steering clear of curiosity and never venturing further than their fear allowed.


No, there was no way that was happening. The village was already so numb of excitement that pulling the last shred of discovery from those soft little fingers would feel like and stabbed it to death herself. She wouldn’t let it happen. She was staying buy instagram followers alive. But she’d return there, of course. No question.

Pushing the scattered sheets of the grabe tree paper into her satchel, which left on a rock were now coated with buy instagram followers a thin layer of wind-tickled dust, she headed back off in the direction of the village. But it was one last look that buried that image deep into her memory.


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